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Trivia Tuesday 5-26-15May 26, 2015

Can you help Monty find the answer to this week’s Trivia Tuesday Dinosaur question?

TriviaTuesday 1q

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TriviaTuesday 1a

Euoplocephalus, of the dinosaur classification Ankylosaurids, is best known for its well-armored head. In fact the meaning of Euoplocephalus is “completely well-armored head”! This dinosaur was so well protected, even its eyelids featured a movable slab of bone for protection; the only known ankylosaur with this feature! The Dinosaur Place is proud to have an Euoplocephalus among its more than 40 other life-sized dinosaurs in the Outdoor Adventure Park at Nature’s Art Village. Click here for more on The Dinosaur Place and check back next week for another Trivia Tuesday question!