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Carved Wooden Dragon Trivia TuesdaySeptember 15, 2015

Dragon Question - Trivia Tuesday - The PAST

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Dragon Answer - Trivia Tuesday - The PAST

Dragon 1This dragon is hand carved from a solid piece of rain tree, also known as monkeypod tree.

The rain tree is named as such due to the fact that the grass beneath this glorious tree is always green, even without sufficient rainfall. The leaves of a rain tree coil up to a closed position at night, allowing any rainfall to easily reach vegetation near the tree’s roots.  In addition, the rain tree drops seed pods to the ground in an act which looks similar to rain.  The high nitrogen content in the seed pods ads to the green hue of grass beneath the tree.

Rain tree is a superb material for carving.  It is durable with an extremely straight grain, making it excellent for furniture and carvings.  Due to the fact that rain tree has such a large trunk; it is very easy to carve large pieces from the wood.   The elegance and artistic value of this dragon would not be possible without its superb material: rain tree.

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Dragon 2