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Pyrex Trivia TuesdaySeptember 08, 2015

Pyrex Casserole Dish Question - Trivia Tuesday - The PAST

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Pyrex Casserole Dish Answer - Trivia Tuesday - The PAST

The Wife of a Railroad Glass Scientist who used Pyrex Glass to bake cakes invented the Pyrex Casserole Dish.

The invention of the Pyrex brand was the combined result of good luck and superb American ingenuity.  The Corning Glass company was charged with the task of researching tough glass for railroad lanterns. The wife of a Corning Glass scientist, Bessie Littleton, used the bottoms of Corning battery jars to bake a cake.  Bessie was pleasantly surprised at how evenly the cake baked, and also realized how beneficial it was to be able to see her product while it was in the oven.  The first Corning Casserole dish was invented, and was shortly followed by the 1915 commencement of the Pyrex Brand.

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