The Gateway Museum | Nature's Art Village | Montville, CTNature's Art Village

1650 Hartford-New London Turnpike, Montville, CT 06370

Nature's Art Village & The Dinosaur Place: 860-443-4367
The PAST & The Gateway Museum:860-437-3615

Gateway Museum

A Village of Progress

Have you ever wondered how newspapers were printed in the 19th century or how a steam-engine could power a boat?  Then step through the gates of time into The Gateway Museum at Nature’s Art Village and enter a village of progress! Take a historic walk and discover a timeless town displaying the rapid transformation of American technology over two centuries. The Gateway Museum is a great place for families to share memories, elders to feel nostalgic and the young to learn how everyday life has developed with technology’s advances. Watch the video below for a sneak peak!

Open Friday-Sunday
Hours: 10:30am – 4:30pm
Closed daily 12:30pm-1:00pm

Please call 860.443.4367 or email to plan a group event.