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Booth of the WeekJune 10, 2015

Booth of The Week 58

Booth 58 at The Past Antiques Marketplace

This week’s Booth of the Week at The Past Antiques Marketplace, Booth 58, really shines as one of the premier displays at The PAST. With something for everyone from the memorabilia collector to the interior decorator, this booth is sure to amaze. Booth 58 features a beautiful bust of President John F. Kennedy, as well as a full wall of magazines, books and other JFK Memorabilia. In addition, this booth highlights some fine glass & dinnerware sets and unique figurines from all over the world. So much more awaits including a 1950’s Westinghouse standing roaster and an impressive PEZ Dispenser Collection; this is a booth you just have to see to believe! Click on the photos below to view them larger and take a trip to The PAST Antiques Marketplace in Montville, CT to view our full selection of over 90 unique vendors.

JFK Bust Minatures JFK Wall Holland Figurines Dog Doorstop Asian Urn White Dinnerware Toasters Ruby Glassware Roaster 50s Pez Despensers Perfume Bottles & Mirror