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Flume Falls by Charles H SawyerJune 19, 2015

Flume Falls (Click Photo to View Larger)

Flume Falls by Charles H. Sawyer

This week Famous Friday takes us to Concord New Hampshire. Charles Henry Sawyer (1868-1954) was a famous painter of photographic landscapes for the tourist trade during the turn of the 20th century. Much like postcards, travelers would buy the small prints as a memoir of their trip. Mr. Sawyer started his career working for Wallace Nutting, where he perfected his craft and later became a direct competitor of Nutting. Most of Sawyers scenes are from New Hampshire. Sawyer was not only a talented artist, but a Businessman, Manufacturer and politician as well. He served as the 41st governor of New Hampshire and for a time in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. The Sawyer Picture Co. Of Concord New Hampshire operated from 1903 until the early 1970’s surviving nearly two decades after its founder’s death.

The painting above is available at The Past Antiques Marketplace and is Charles Henry Sawyer’s Print #13 titled “Flume Falls”, a wonderful piece of preserved history. Visit The PAST Antiques Marketplace on Route 85 in Montville, CT for more information and to see this painting up close.