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Trivia Tuesday 6-16-15June 16, 2015

Can you help Monty find the answer to today’s Trivia Tuesday dinosaur question?

TriviaTuesday 4q

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Iguanodon, like the majority of the ornithopod genus, walked upright on its hind-legs and used its tail to stay balanced. They did have the ability to walk and rest on four legs, like the dinosaur shown below, but were more commonly believed to walk upright. Their hands (our front legs) had 3 stationary hoof-like fingers for balance & motion, 1 flexible finger for grasping and a sharp “Thumb Spike” used for either raking branches to eat, or protection against carnivores. The Dinosaur Place does not currently have an Igaunodon among its more than 40 life-sized dinosaur in the Outdoor Adventure Park, but we add new dinosaurs each year and this unique beast could be next!  Click here for more on The Dinosaur Place and check back next week for another Trivia Tuesday question!