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Trivia Tuesday 6-30-15June 30, 2015

Can you help Monty find the answer to today’s Trivia Tuesday dinosaur question?

TriviaTuesday 5q

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TriviaTuesday 5a

The horn above the nose of the Ceratosaurus was originally believed to be a weapon for attacking prey and defense against predators. Today, most scientists believe the horn was actually too weak to be an effective weapon, but instead was used to intimidate rivals and attract mates. Some scientist believe the horn of the Ceratosaurus was brightly colored to further attract mates, like the feathers of a male peacock. The Dinosaur Place has a Ceratosaurus among its more than 40 life-sized dinosaur in the Outdoor Adventure Park! Come by and visit on Route 85 in Montville and shake hands with this fascinating carnivore!  Click here for more on The Dinosaur Place and check back next week for another Trivia Tuesday question!

Ceratosaurus with boy