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The Dinosaur Place – Trivia TuesdayJuly 21, 2015

Can you help Monty find the answer to today’s Trivia Tuesday dinosaur question?

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The Amargasaurus was a smaller sauropod dinosaur from the late Jurassic period featuring two parallel rows of elongated spines running down its neck and back. The exact purpose of the spines on the back and neck of Amargasaurus is still unclear, though paleontologists believe the spines on the dinosaur’s back were covered in skin creating a large sail. The spines on the neck of Amargasaurus could not have formed a sail as this would have restricted the dinosaurs movement too greatly, hindering its ability to eat low hanging plants which made up the majority of the Amargasaurus diet. These spines may have been pointed at the end and have been used as a defensive weapon against predators or used to attract a mate similar to the antlers of a deer. The Dinosaur Place has a pair of Amargasaurus, a mother and child, that are just waiting for the perfect photo opportunity! See these two and over 40 more life-sized dinosaurs in the Outdoor Adventure Park at The Dinosaur Place on Route 85 in Montville, Connecticut.