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Amethyst – Mineral MondayOctober 12, 2015




Today’s Mineral Monday from The Shops at Nature’s Art Village features the beautiful birthstone of February, Amethyst! The name amethyst comes from the Greek word “αμεθηστos” actually meaning sober or avoiding intoxication. This is because in Greek mythology, it was believed that wearing amethyst could prevent the effects of alcohol and keep a person sober even while drinking.
Amethys 2tIn fact, Greek mythology has a story of Dionysus (aka Bacchus), the god of wine, attempting to kill Amethyst, a gorgeous human woman, with his pet Tigers as an act of drunken anger. Amethyst had been on her way to pray to Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. Upon seeing Dionysus release his tigers on Amethyst, Artemis spared her by turning the woman to a solid quartz stone. Dionysus, once he had realized what his drunken anger had caused, cried tears of wine on the stone, turning it a deep purple color.

In reality, the deep purple color is caused by iron impurities within the stone’s composition. Amethyst is a variety of purple quartz and has an almost identical chemical composition to quartz, SiO2. When amethyst forms, water providing nutrients to the growing quartz contains iron ferric creating a color center in the crystal. Natural radiation from the ground then strips away an electron from the iron and activates the color center producing a deep purple color in the quartz.

The deep purple color of Amethyst has long been associated with royalty, and has been a natural choice for many monarchs since ancient times. Roman emperors would use cups made from 034222 amethystamethyst believing the amethyst would prevent poison and any sort of intoxication from the drink. According to some legends, the stone is also considered to make the wearer calm and in control of his or her various emotional levels.

Metaphysically, amethyst is said to be a stone of spirituality and contentment; balancing energies of the intellectual, emotional, and physical bodies, and bestows stability, strength, and peace. It has been used to treat disorders of the heart, stomach, skin, teeth and hearing.

The Shops at Nature’s Art Village has an enormous selection of Amethyst in raw, jewelry, bead, geode and cathedral form. To see our full selection, stop into Nature’s Art Village on Route 85 in Montville, CT.

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