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Opal – Mineral MondayOctober 05, 2015



Today’s Mineral Monday in The Shops at Nature’s Art Village is Opal, the birthstone of October! Opal usually develops in a wide variety of rocks as a cavity- or fracture-filling mineral. Opal also commonly replaces other minerals during fossilization of wood and seashells. Opal is never found as crystals but consists of micro-spheroids of silica gel with as much as 30% water content. These Opal Earrings - Mineral MOnday - Shopsmicro-spheroids and their high water content give opal the ability to refract and reflect specific wavelengths of light. In fact the term “opalescence” was coined to describe this phenomenon. Opalescence is what gives opal its beautifully unique and seemingly ever-changing color and appearance.

Most opal is more than 60 million years old and dates back to the Cretaceous period. Although common opal is widespread, precious opal is rare; and most precious opal today comes from Australia. Opal was named for the word “upala” a Sankrit word for precious stone. Opal has been a stone honored by many cultures and religions over time. The Aboriginal Australian’s have a unique legend on the creation of opal. They believed the creator of earth came down on a rainbow in order to bring a message of peace to all the humans; and at the very spot where his foot touched the ground the stones became alive and started sparkling in all the colors of the rainbow, creating opal. Metaphysically, Opal is a stone of happy dreams. It has been used to treat infections, purify the blood, alleviate fevers and treat eye disorders. It is also said to help one recognize and feel the creativity which is within the self; providing inspiration to all situations.

There are many varieties of Opal including Fire Opal, Jelly Opal and Boulder Opal. The Shops at Nature’s Art Village has a huge selection of many opals both in raw, polished and jewelry form. To see our full selection, stop into Nature’s Art Village on Route 85 in Montville, CT.

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