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Citrine – Mineral MondayNovember 09, 2015

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Citrine logToday’s Mineral Monday in The Shops at Nature’s Art Village is one of the birthstones of November: Citrine! Citrine is a variety of quartz with crystals that grow in veins and cavities and often found in geodes.  Citrine ranges in color from yellow to golden-brown to burnt amber. The color is due to the presence of iron hydrates. Its name is derived from the French word for lemon, in reference to the yellow color. Interestingly, citrine can also be produced, although not naturally, through burning amethyst or smokey quartz.  It is most often used as a semiprecious gemstone in jewelry, as an ornamental stone, or for carvings. The transparency, pleasing color and acceptable hardness of citrine make it very suitable for cutting and faceting as a jewelry. Because it is not as expensive as other gemstones, it can be offered in large pieces.

Citrine BeadsMost citrine is found in Brazil and Madagascar, though deposits have also been found in France, Russia and even Colorado. Citrine has been used for many purposes over the years, some metaphysical and some aesthetic. It’s been said that placing a cluster of citrine in one’s cash box can help a merchant acquire and maintain wealth. Citrine is also said to capture the essence of sparkling sunlight. It is easy to take sunlight for granted but an inadequate supply can have a profound effect upon us, not merely psychologically but physically, and therefore people who feel they do not receive enough sunlight often collect citrine. Metaphysically, citrine is said to posses the power of the sun and radiate good energy to those who encounter it. Citrine is also believed to stimulate mental focus and endurance, smooth family or group problems, promote mental awareness, stabilize emotions and dispel hunger. It has been used to treat digestive disorders, increase visual abilities and promote blood circulation.

Citrine BraceletThe Shops at Nature’s Art Village on Route 85 in Montville, CT have an immense selection of citrine including citrine jewelry, beads, raw minerals, sculptures and more! Click on the photos below to see a sample of our selection and visit Nature’s Art Village to see our full mineral and gemstone collection.

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