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Onyx – Mineral MondayNovember 23, 2015

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Onyx 2Today’s Mineral Monday in The Shops at Nature’s Art Village is Onyx! Onyx is one of several varieties of chalcedony, and is often referred to as a type agate. It is common and found all over the world, in all types of rocks. Although onyx is most commonly seen as black or black with white stripes, Mexico is well-known for its extensive deposits of colorful (mostly red & white) onyx, called sardonyx. Both onyx and sardonyx are ornamental stones used in jewelry and carvings. Onyx has been known since ancient times, and is the Greek word for fingernail. Roman Mythology tells the story of Venus having her fingernails clipped by cupid and because no body part of a god can die, the clippings were turned to the stone onyx. Metaphysically, onyx is reputed to banish grief, enhance self control and encourage happiness and good fortune. It has been used to treat disorders related to bone marrow and the feet.

The Shops at Nature’s Art Village on Route 85 in Montville, Connecticut have an wide selection of onyx gemstones, jewelry, beads, carvings and more!

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