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Turritella Fossil – Fossil FridayJanuary 22, 2016

Turritella Fossil

Turritella Fossil

Turritella is a type of mollusk, or soft-bodied, shelled invertebrate. As a gastropod (stomach-foot) it had a coiled shell and a broad, muscular organ that it used for locomotion. The name Turritella is actually a description of the animal’s shell, meaning “turreted” or “towered”. The earliest Turritella appeared 80 million years ago in the Cretaceous Period and its relatives still live in many seas today. Turritella’s were salt-water snails who lived on seafloors around the world. Many people confuse Turritella Agate (a type of gemstone) as coming from Turritella fossils; when actually, Turritella Agate is from a separate species of fresh-water snails.

The Ancient Fossil Shop inside The Shops at Nature’s Art Village features an incredible selection of fossils including Turritellas. To see our full selection visit The Shops at Nature’s Art Village on Route 85 in Montville, Connecticut.

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