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Aquamarine – Mineral MondayFebruary 22, 2016



Aquamarine ClusterToday’s Mineral Monday is the beautiful birthstone of March, aquamarine! Aquamarine, a blue or blue-green beryl crystal, has been viewed as a treasured gem since as far back as 500 BC! The oldest piece of jewelry found using aquamarine was a Greek amulet which was believe to have been created between 480-300 BC. Aquamarine’s name comes from the Greek word meaning “water” or “sea” and its Latin name means “water of the sea” due to its tranquil sea-blue color.

According to legend, aquamarines were said to have the power of the sea within them. They were believed to be the treasure of mermaids with the power to keep sailors and fishermen safe from harm at sea. Aquamarine was also believed to prevent sea-sickness and provide sailors with courage and strong will. Many sailors wore aquamarine amulets or jewelry. As legend goes, during times of rough seas, some sailors or fishermen were known to throw their aquamarine jewelry into the sea to try to calm the waters.

Aquamarine Cluster 2Metaphysically, aquamarine is said to provide protection, luck, fearlessness and to bring youth and happiness to its owner. It has been used for all types of calming, cleansing and to counter infections. It is also believed to help to “cool” ailments of the throat.

The Shops at Nature’s Art Village have an excellent selection of aquamarine including beautiful aquamarine jewelry, raw & polished stones and, of course, aquamarine beads. The photos on the right of this page show aquamarine found in Phlogopite Mika clusters from Peag Kuner, Afghanistan available in the A to Z Mineral Shop at Nature’s Art Village. To see our full selection of gemstones and minerals please visit The Shops at Nature’s Art Village on Route 85 in Montville, Connecticut.

Check back next week for another Mineral Monday!

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