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Utah Septarians – Mineral MondayFebruary 15, 2016

Utah Septarian Ad

Utah Septarians

Utah Septarian Standups 2Today’s Mineral Monday looks at how these amazing Utah Septarians form. Septarians, found almost exclusively in Utah, were formed approximately 100 million years ago! Septarians are made primarily of calcite, aragonite and limestone. How they form is quite unique! It is believe that decomposing shelled organism, killed from a volcanic eruption, mixed with their surrounding sediment to form “mud balls”. These “mud balls” rolled around in the ocean waves until the waters receded leaving them to dry and crack. As the “mud balls” dried they shrank, while maintaining the cracks within them. This was possible due to the extremely strong clay, also known as bentonite, that the balls were made of. Yellow calcite, left over from the decomposing shells, eventually filled the cracks and gave the septarians their amazing patterns of yellow crystals. The name septarian comes from the Latin word “septum” which means dividing wall, in reference to the thin wall of aragonite which formed between the calcite and bentonite. Metaphysically, septarians are said to be energizing stones which enhance one’s ability to perceive truth and love.

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