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Pachycephalosaurus – Fossil FridayMarch 18, 2016

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Pachycephalosaurus Fossil

Pachycephalosaurus 1Today’s Fossil Friday is perched on a high ledge overlooking the Ancient Fossil Shop at Nature’s Art Village; it’s a life-sized cast of a Pachycephalosaurus skeleton!

Pachycephalosaurus (PAK-ee-SEF-a-loh-SORE-us) is a rare and misunderstood dinosaur. Only one complete skeleton and two complete skulls have ever been found. This small dinosaur had small sharp teeth, good vision and a keen sense of smell. It ate soft plants, fruits, seeds and possibly insects, lizards and small rodent-like mammals. If approached by a predator, Pachycephalosaurus probably galloped away at speeds up to 15 mph.

Early researchers believed that Pachycephalosaurus used its huge dome head for mating or self-defense; however, current research indicates this is not the case. The skull bone is actually very fragile when placed under extreme pressure, and the neck vertebrae were too delicate to withstand heavy impact. Many paleontologists now believe Pachycephalosaurus butted other animals sides, so as to inflict damage on the other animal, but not injure itself.

Pachycephalosaurus 3The Ancient Fossil Shop inside The Shops at Nature’s Art Village features a collection of real and replica dinosaur fossils for sale from dinosaur eggs to life-sized dinosaur skeletons. To see our full selection visit The Shops at Nature’s Art Village on Route 85 in Montville, Connecticut.

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