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Opalized Ammonites – Fossil FridayAugust 26, 2016

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Opalized Ammonite Fossils

Fossil Friday Opalized Ammonite 3Today’s Fossil Friday are opalized ammonite fossils! The mollusks known as ammonites lived over 350 million years ago and are now extinct. They had hard shells made of a chalky material called aragonite, with a colorful outer layer of mother-of-pearl, both of which were frequently dissolved or replaced by other minerals during fossilization. In some instances, the mineral (or mineraloid) used during fossilization was opal. Opal is a hydrous silicon dioxide mineraloid with the unique ability of diffracting light into a wide spectrum of colors. This results in beautiful opalized ammonite fossils.

Today, we use these incredible, natural fossils to make beautiful jewelry and displays. Opal is said to have the metaphysical properties of soothing poor sleep habits, centering the mind and helping children overcome mental afflictions. The Shops at Nature’s Art Village on Route 85 in Montville, Connecticut have a large selection opalized ammonites, as well as, opal jewelry and other related jewelry, fossils and minerals.

Check back next week for another Fossil Friday!

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