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Agate – Mineral MondaySeptember 12, 2016


Agate – Mineral Monday

agate-displayToday’s Mineral Monday from The Shops at Nature’s Art Village is the mystical birthstone for September, as well as the birthstone for the zodiac sign of Gemini; it’s agate! The mineral agate is often called “the Earth Rainbow” because it’s found in almost every color the Earth can produce. It is named for the Achate River in Sicily, Italy, where it was first found thousands of years ago. Composed of silica, agate belongs to the chalcedony family of quartz. It is often volcanic in origin and is usually banded, but will sometimes be branch like in appearance due to the inclusion of other minerals. It is generally believed that the formation of agate is due to the quick cooling and hardening of the liquid silica. If the silica hardens over a long period of time, quartz crystals will form instead. This phenomenon explains why quartz crystals can be found inside agate. It is one of the first minerals known to man due to its hardness and bright color and has been worn for adornment since as far back as the Stone Age.

dsc06707Metaphysically, agate is said to have curative properties and be effective against allergies, insomnia, skin disease, as well as stress. Along with its curative properties, agate is said to promote composure, inner composure, and maturity for the wearer. It is also said to help alleviate postpartum depression experienced after childbirth. In addition, it is said to help in easing the pain of childbirth and ensuring a good birth. Visit The Shops at Nature’s Art Village on Route 85 in Montville, Connecticut to see our full selection of agate samples, displays, beads, jewelry and giftware!



Metaphysical and healing properties of crystals and minerals are not to be taken as fact. Metaphysical and healing information is collected from various resources as well as gemstone lore, and the information should not replace any advice given to you by your doctor. Nature’s Art Village does not guarantee any claims or statements, both made in our store or on our website, of the metaphysical or healing properties of crystals and minerals and cannot be held liable under any circumstances.