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Fulgurite – Mineral MondaySeptember 26, 2016



This week’s Mineral Monday examines a fascinating mineral created by lightening; it’s fulgurite! Fulgurites are the result of lightening striking silica-rich materials most often found in sand. The word fulgurite comes from the Latin word fulgur which means “lightening”.  When the lightening hits the sand it is so hot that it instantly melts the sand particles and fuses them together. the lightening creates tubes of fulgurite which can be meters long; they tend to have a rough exterior with a smooth shiny interior.  Fulgurites come in a range of colors including grey, black, brown, tan, white, and can even be green or blue.

fulgurite-2-sArchaeologists working on a site on the coast of Scotland found a fossilized fulgurite that they determined to have formed 250 million years ago! In 1997, artist Allan McCollum, with the assistance of Dr. Martin Uman – a lightning expert who managed the lightning research station in Starke, Florida – triggered a lightening strike to create a unique piece of fulgurite. The fulgurite they produced was 7 3/4″ long. Years before, Dr. Uman had excavated what is now recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest piece of fulgurite ever found, stretching over 17 feet long1!

Metaphysically, it is believed that fulgurites assist with communication. Both communication between people and with spiritual or heavenly entities.

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