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Sapphire – Mineral MondaySeptember 19, 2016



sapphire-roughThis week’s Mineral Monday from The Shops at Nature’s Art Village is Sapphire, the birthstone for September! Sapphire is corundum (aluminum oxide), the 2nd hardest mineral on earth, with a 9 out of 10 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale. Because of sapphire’s hardness, it is often used for industrial purposes – Apple Watches feature lab-created sapphire glass in their screens to prevent scratches and damage. Sapphire can come in a variety of colors as all corundum is considered a type of sapphire; expect red corundum which is ruby. Some examples include pink, yellow, green, and white; though blue is the most common color of sapphire. The rarest sapphire color is padparadscha, a pinkish-orange color gem. Sapphires are mined in Kashmir (India), Sri Lanka, Australia and Montana. Sapphire is also one of the first gems to be grown in a lab.

sapphire-necklacesSapphire has been treasured for centuries and worn as polished jewelry dating back to the Ancient Romans. At this time, it was believed that sapphire could protect its wearer from evil. During the Middle Ages sapphire was said to preserve chastity and cure eye diseases. Deep blue sapphires were often associated with royalty and worn by medieval kings to protect them from their enemies. In 1796, the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte gave his fiancé, Josephine, a sapphire engagement ring that recently sold at auction for close to one million dollars! The Shops at Nature’s Art Village have a unique collection of sapphire jewelry, sapphire beads and rough and polished sapphire minerals. Visit The Shops on Route 85 in Montville, Connecticut to see our full selection of gemstone jewelry, beads and minerals.

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