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Emerald – Mineral MondayNovember 07, 2016



Today’s Mineral Monday in The Shops at Nature’s Art Village is the birthstone of May; its emerald! Emerald is the deep green variety of the mineral beryl; the same mineral that when sea-green is the ever-popular aquamarine. It is actually chromium impurities within the beryl that create the deep green color of emeralds. Therefore, it is not surprising that the name emerald comes from the Greek word “smaragdos” meaning “green stone”.

Emerald is one of the hardest gemstones with a Mohs’ Hardness Scale rating of nearly 8; diamond, the hardest natural mineral, is a 10. Emeralds have always been very rare and valuable. In fact, only a third of all emeralds mined are gemstone quality and able to be used in jewelry. Nearly all have some inclusion or minor flaw. As a result, “perfect” emeralds have been made synthetically by man since before 1850. Today, emerald is the state gemstone of North Carolina where many deposits have been found.

The history of emeralds date back to the Ancient Egyptians, where it is said to be the favorite stone of Cleopatra. The Romans believed emeralds could improve poor eyesight and Emperor Nero is said to have worn glasses made of the stone. Emeralds were also cherished in the Western Hemisphere by the Incas & Aztecs. The Aztecs believed emeralds aided in judgement and presented Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortez a cherished stone called the “Stone of Judgement” in the 16th century.

Metaphysically, emeralds are said to provide domestic bliss, enhance memory, incite activity, eliminate negativity and bring beneficial results to legal matters. Emeralds have also been said to assist with love, sensitivity and loyalty.

Emerald 1The Shops at Nature’s Art Village on Route 85 in Montville, Connecticut have a variety of emeralds including natural, polished and synthesized emeralds and emerald jewelry! Visit Nature’s Art Village to see our full selection of minerals and gemstone jewelry.

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