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Selenite – Mineral MondayNovember 21, 2016


Selenite – Mineral Monday

selenite-2aToday’s Mineral Monday from The Shops at Nature’s Art Village is selenite! Selenite, a variety of gypsum, is an extremely common mineral which forms by evaporation of saturated water solution creating long and thin or flat blade-like crystals. It is a very soft mineral often found in volcanic hot springs or mud. The most famous location for selenite is the “Cave of the Crystals” in Mexico, containing senile crystals over 5 feet long! Trace elements within gypsum cause color variations; but selenite frequently forms clear crystals. Sometimes sand causes grainy inclusions within selenite, known as sand selenite. Selenite crystal formations may produce radiating flower shapes or ‘roses’, referred to as “desert rose” (image on left of page), or clear diamond shapes or twin crystals forming together but at slightly different angles. Selenite has many uses including making plaster, fertilizer, alabaster and even some explosives!

desert-rose-selenite-11848Metaphysically, selenite is said to provide clarity of mind, aid judgment, and expand awareness. It has been used to treat disorders and deformities of bones as well as epilepsy. Visit The Shops at Nature’s Art Village on Route 85 in Montville, Connecticut to see our full selection of selenite specimens and mineral displays!

Metaphysical and healing properties of crystals and minerals are not to be taken as fact. Metaphysical and healing information is collected from various resources as well as gemstone lore, and the information should not replace any advice given to you by your doctor. Nature’s Art Village does not guarantee any claims or statements, both made in our store or on our website, of the metaphysical or healing properties of crystals and minerals and cannot be held liable under any circumstances.