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Moldavite – Mineral MondayMarch 27, 2017


This week’s Mineral Monday from The Shops at Nature’s Art Village is moldavite – a dark forest-green variety of a tektite. Tektites are a group of natural glasses that are formed from the interplanetary collision between a meteorite and Earth. Moldavite is only found in the Czech Republic along the Moldau River where a large meteorite crash landed about 14.8 million years ago leaving a very large debris field. The sharp glass-like edges of moldavite have been made into arrowheads and cutting tools dating as far back as the stone age and was even used as an amulet of good fortune and fertility in many ancient cultures.

moldavite-earringsMetaphysically, moldavite is believed to counteract cynicism and connect one with the universe. Due to its high vibrational field, some wearers of moldavite jewelry experience light headedness or lack of grounding and can only wear the jewelry for a short amount of time. Many people will also use moldavite while meditating as it is said to increase ones sensitivity to guidance and increase the ability to understand messages sent from other realms.

The Shops at Nature’s Art Village have an incredible selection of moldavite jewelry, rough moldavite specimens, moldavite incense, oils and more for sale. To see our full selection, and many more fossils and minerals, visit The Shops at Nature’s Art Village on Route 85 in Montville, Connecticut.

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