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Sand Art DisplaysApril 05, 2017

Sand Art Displays

Sand art is a relaxing, almost Zen-like form of “moving art”.  By moving art, we mean that the artwork is always changing, and you will never see the same image twice!

These innovative pieces of art are made with 4-7 different density sands and minerals in each frame. The different densities allow the sand to fall at different speeds creating a unique image each time. Each picture is comprised of crushed minerals (such as quartz), sand and some synthetic materials to create stunning colors. Some even have the ability to fluoresce!

How do these soothing sand art displays work? Good Question! Each picture has air trapped at the top just along the frame. Once the picture is turned over, the sand is now on the top and the air is on the bottom. Due to laws of gravity, the heavier, denser sand is unable to stay at the top with the lighter, less dense air beneath it. This causes air bubbles to float to the top trapping the sand. The sand finds the weak spots in the middle of the air bubbles and starts to fall through causing mountains and valleys as it falls.

You may notices at some point that the sand is not falling as fast or as slow as you would like. This is all adjustable! Each sand art comes with its own syringe that you can use to add or subtract air depending on how you would like them to flow. The more air you add, the more air bubbles there will be and the sand will fall slower. The more air you remove, the less air bubbles there will be obstructing the sand, and the sand will fall faster.

Visit The Shops at Nature’s Art Village on Route 85 in Montville, Connecticut today to purchase your own unique sand art display. Then, flip it over, sit back and enjoy the relaxing effects!