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Himalayan SaltMay 15, 2017

Himalayan Salt: A Gift from an Ancient Sea

Pink Himalayan Salt is widely used today in lamps (shown above), as a spice, and cosmetically. It is said to have positive therapeutic properties. Most people know this salt is from the Himalayan region of Asia, but not many people know why so much salt is found in some of the highest mountains on Earth; nor do they realize that the salt is mined in northeast Pakistan at the foothills of these great mountains.

Scientists estimate that the salt deposit was formed 800 million years ago when tectonic shifts caused mountains to trap a shallow inland sea. As the water slowly evaporated the salt and other minerals were left behind in a large deposit that was later buried. The salt deposit was discovered by soldiers of Alexander the Great in 326 BCE when their tired horses started licking rocks in the area. The salt was used by the small communities in this mountain region until the late 1500’s when Emperor Akbar began the standardization of the salt mines and used the mineral as a trading commodity.

In 1827, the Dome and Pillar method of salt mining was introduced by the British. This method leaves 50% of the salt in each room (or Dome) in order to support the mine and mountain, making the mines safer for the workers.

Thousands of tourists visit the salt mines each year. There are six working mines in the region and they stretch all along the 186-mile salt deposit. All the mines still utilize the Dome and Pillar method of mining and the standards put forth by Emperor Akbar in the 1500’s! Because of these techniques, the environmental impact of the mining is negligible.  The salt is left in its natural state, and nothing is added or taken away.  All the work is done by hand in the traditional manner so the salt stays pure.

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