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Himalayan Salt LampsSeptember 27, 2017

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps are a beautiful addition to anyone’s home.  Himalayan salt ranges in color from the lightest pink or orange to a deep rich orange/brown.  The light inside the lamp makes the salt glow and sparkle.

According to popular belief these lamps emit negative ions and can attract and clean the air of positive ions.  Positive ions are released by electronic devices, car exhaust and other industrial emissions.  These positive ions can affect us in many different ways both physical and mental. Positive ions can cause lethargy, anxiety and other mental stressers.  There is also evidence that they can cause asthma symptoms to worsen.  They have been linked to blood pressure, immunity and lethargy issues.

According to belief (but no wide scientific fact or study) salt lamps emit negative ions by evaporating the moisture that the salt attracts.  The heat from the bulbs inside of the lamps helps to speed the evaporation and it is this process that causes the discharge of negative ions. Increasing the number of negative ions in the air help attract positive ions such as dust and other particulates.  They are then neutralized by the negative ions.  The negative ions also help counteract the ions emitted from your appliances and electronic devices.

Salt lamps do occasionally “weep” as the salt attracts water in the atmosphere.  If the light is not on and evaporation is not occurring this water can build up in the salt and cause water to pool around the base of the lamp.  The solution for this is to keep the light on for long periods of time.

Himalayan salt lamps add a soft ambiance to the home.  The unusual shapes and sizes are in themselves natural works of art and bring a sense of earthiness to anyone’s personal space. The Shops at Nature’s Art Village carry a unique selection of Himalayan Salt Lamps as well as many other Himalayan Salt Products for sale. They make wonderful gifts and beautiful additions to any home. Visit Nature’s Art Village on Route 85 in Montville, Connecticut to see our full selection of gifts and home décor accessories.