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Antique FrogsApril 13, 2018

The frog has been a symbol of good luck in countless cultures, from Japan to Ancient Rome and Greece, as well as in religious ideologies such as Christianity. They are often known to represent new beginnings, most likely because they appear annually in the springtime with the warm weather. Frogs are also associated with good luck, spiritual evolution and prosperity.Frogs are also known to represent fertility and life in Ancient Egyptian lore. The flooding of the Nile River would bring about large numbers of frogs, which they connected with a prosperous crop season. In times of drought, their crops could not survive, so the Ancient Egyptians looked to the frogs as a sign of good luck.

Decorating your home with these adorable amphibians can be traced back to times in Ancient China, when it was common to place a “money frog” in the home for good fortune. The money frog usually has three legs, and either holds a coin in its mouth or sits on a bed of coins. It was (and still is) practiced widely in the art of Feng Shui, so these decorations are also known as “Feng Shui frogs.” However, it is warned not to place the money frog in your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

At The PAST Antiques, we have an entire room dedicated to these cute creatures! And don’t worry- they won’t give you warts. These symbols of positive vibes and energy can light up any home with their quirky presence and wide eyes. They also each have their own distinct personalities that may match up with your own!

Hop your way down to the Lily Pad Lounge at The PAST Antiques Marketplace and check out our collection of antique collectible frogs! From figurines to planters, this room will leap-frog its way into your heart. And be sure to bring your tadpoles! The PAST Antiques Marketplace is located at 1650 Route 85 in Montville, Connecticut.

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