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Silver TeapotsApril 05, 2018

You could plan quite a royal tea party with all of these unique silver pieces!

The first recording of tea drinking is dated as far back as 200 BCE in China during the Han Dynasty. Small, earthenware pots were used at the time, and it was not until approximately 1670 in England that silver was first used to make teapots.

Then, in the early 1700s, Europeans began adding milk and sugar to their tea. From there, it was commonplace to own an entire tea set with several accessories. The accessories ranged from sugar tongs and sugar bowls to strainer spoons and cream jugs.

Silver tea sets are known as a status symbol, as even Queen Victoria had several silver teapots in her home, and the classic, vintage look of silver is still highly coveted today. But as the middle-class began gaining affluence in the eighteenth century, they also began buying more luxury items, such as silver tea sets. So, silverware is a perfect blend of elegance and timelessness that people across all walks of life can enjoy.

Designing teapots out of silver also had several benefits: the tea is able to stay warmer for longer amounts of time, as silver is known to retain higher temperatures than many other natural materials. That higher temperature retention consequently allows the tea to brew at a higher temperature, which releases more of the leaves’ natural flavoring. Finally, it is more durable over time and less likely to shatter if dropped, unlike other materials such as porcelain or ceramics.

We have a large collection of all types of silverware in dozens of shapes, styles and patterns that represented the trends of the time at The PAST Antique Marketplace. Come visit us on Route 85 in Montville at Nature’s Art Village!

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