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Goebel MiniaturesDecember 28, 2018

This week we peer into the tiny world of Goebel Miniatures.

From 1980 to 1994, Robert W. Olszewski was the “Master Artist” for Goebel Miniatures Studios. Most of these detailed figures are about an inch tall, although some are a bit larger. Olszewski carved the master design for each figurine and used the lost wax process to produce a bronze version. After hand-painting the miniatures, Olszewski gave them to trained artisans to reproduce.

One of his collections is the Kinder Way, a set of Bavarian buildings and tranquil settings to accompany the M.I. Hummel miniatures. Goebel Miniatures produced 26 different scaled down M.I. Hummel figurines before the series was suspended in 1992.

In 1985, Grolier Enterprises commissioned Goebel Miniatures to produce the Walt Disney Snow White and Seven Dwarfs Collection to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the animated film. This collection consisted of eight individual figurine pieces, cast in bronze and hand-painted and glazed to mimic the look and feel of fine porcelain. The collection met with success, and Goebel secured its own license for reproducing Walt Disney characters in miniature sold under the name “Marquee Classics.”

In addition to the M.I. Hummel series and Marquee Classics, Olszewski created his own miniatures, produced by Goebel, including a series inspired by the stories he read to his children called Storybook Lane. After being diagnosed with colon cancer in 1994, Robert Olszewski left Goebel to recuperate and later established his own Olszewski Studios.


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