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Goebel “Redheads”December 19, 2018

A common misconception is that this collection of red-headed figures are Hummels. However, Goebel’s two most popular lines of porcelain statues were designed by different female artists.

Charlot Byj started out by creating her famous redheaded children as greeting cards. Her artwork captured the attention of Franz Goebel of the Goebel Company in the mid-1940s who turned Byj’s characters into three dimensional figurines. Her first figurine, “Strike”, featuring a bowling tyke, was modeled by the master sculptor Arthur Moeller in 1957.

The red-haired brother and sister known as Shabby O’Hair and Raggy Muffin were designed as lighthearted characters, full of life and mischief. Their dog, Waggy, also makes an appearance on many of the pieces.

More than 100 different figurines were designed, molded, and produced before the series was discontinued in 1988. These charming kids continue to be a favorite among Goebel collectors.

Next week we explore the fascinating works by Goebel Miniatures Studios.

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