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MatchbooksFebruary 25, 2019

In 1892 Joshua Pusey patented his idea of paper matches. Match tips were dipped in a solution of sulfur and phosphorus, then stapled to a piece of cardboard. Thus, the matchbook was born. The Diamond Match Company purchased Pusey’s patent and in 1894, Pabst beer ordered 10 million matchbooks bearing ads on their covers.

Soon, matchbooks advertising a variety of goods were offered to customers of tobacco products, or left in ashtrays at coffee shops and motels.

Match cover collectors, known as phillumenists, have been around since the conception of matchbooks. In most matchbook collections, only the covers are collected. Collectors carefully remove the matches and the covers are displayed or stored flat. However, the book is left intact if images are printed on the matches themselves.

Early matchbooks produced for Wrigley’s gum, like the ones shown here, are some of the most desired by collectors.

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