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Combo package information is available at the bottom of this page. All tickets and packages can only be purchased at the Discovery Depot ticket window on the day of your visit.

Deluxe Pricing

Thunder Creek

Standard: $9.49 per Prospector

Learn the technique of panning and find as many pyrite (“fools gold”) nuggets as you can.

  • Relive and learn about the California Gold Rush as you pan for golden pyrite.
  • Carry your riches home in a prospector’s pouch
  • 10 minutes to pan and learn

Deluxe: $16.49 per Prospector

Includes Standard Package (featured above) PLUS…

  • Your own gold pan to keep and use in real streams!
  • 20% more panning time
  • Your very own oversized “gold” nugget

Jackpot Mine

Standard: $12.99 per Miner

Use your hands to dig for crystals and polished stones that are hidden among the gravel in our simulated mine.

  • Dig in a candle-lit silver mine
  • Find over 50 kinds of gems and crystals
  • Keep everything you find
  • 30 minutes (10 minutes to dig & 20 minutes to identify)

Deluxe: $25.99 per Miner

Includes Standard Package (featured above) PLUS…

  • Your own miner’s helmet with batteries to use and take home
  • 20% more digging time
  • Dig in a dark mine like a real miner

The Bone Zone

Standard: $12.99 per Junior Paleontologist

Become a junior paleontologist as you work as a team to uncover a dinosaur skeleton.

  • Work together with Dr. Bonz to unearth and identify a dinosaur skeleton
  • Take home activity sheets and 6 genuine fossils
  • 30 minutes (15 min to dig and 15 min to identify)

Deluxe: $22.50 per Junior Paleontologist

Includes Standard Package (featured above) PLUS…

  • A bonus large fossil of your choice from our special selection
  • Information card describing your special fossil

SAVE! By Combining Packages

Standard Combo Packages

  • $20.25 | Jackpot Mine & Thunder Creek
  • $23.49 | Jackpot Mine & The Bone Zone
  • $20.25 | Thunder Creek & The Bone Zone
  • $30.99 | All Three Activities

Deluxe Combo Packages

  • $38.49 | Jackpot Mine & Thunder Creek
  • $43.99 | Jackpot Mine & The Bone Zone
  • $34.99 | Thunder Creek & The Bone Zone
  • $56.99 | The Works! All Three Deluxe Activities