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1650 Hartford-New London Turnpike, Montville, CT 06370

Nature's Art Village & The Dinosaur Place: 860-443-4367
The PAST Antiques & Genius Museum:860-437-3615


Have a hankering for history? The Genius Museum welcomes groups of all ages to witness the progression of American technology. Children, tweens, teens, adults and seniors will marvel at wonders from vintage saw rigs to straight razors. Whether you are a school group, senior center, community organization or just a large family the sights and sounds of the Genius Museum are sure to educate, astound and inspire. Call 860.443.4367 or email to book your group event today!

Discounted rates available for groups of 20 or more. 

Guided Tours

Take a historic walk back through time and discover a wide variety of exhibits that showcase the rapid transformation of American technology from steam engines to search engines! Your group will find marvels of engineering and stunning, little known artifacts which served as the cornerstone of many of today’s modern conveniences.

Tour groups are led by our knowledgeable trained interpreters who are ready to answer any questions you have.

When your tour is finished you may enjoy the museum for as long as you’d like.

Available year round, the tour lasts about 45 minutes depending on groups.

School Groups

The guided tour, described above, satisfies the following College, Career & Civil Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards criteria:

  • D2.Geo.7.K-2 – Explain why and how people, goods, and ideas move from place to place.
  • D2.Geo.9.K-2 – Describe the connections between the physical environment of a place and the economic activities found there.
  • D2.His.1.K-2 – Create a chronological sequence of multiple events.
  • D2.His.2.K-2 – Compare life in the past to life today.
  • D2.His.3.K-2 – Generate questions about individuals and groups who have shaped a significant historical change.
  • D2.His.4.K-2 – Compare perspectives of people in the past to those of people in the present.
  • D2.His.1.3-5 – Create and use a chronological sequence of related events to compare developments that happened at the same time.
  • D2.His.2.3-5 – Compare life in specific historical time periods to life today.
  • D2.His.3.3-5 – Generate questions about individuals and groups who have shaped significant historical changes and continuities.
  • D2.His.4.3-5 – Explain why individuals and groups during the same historical period different in their perspectives.

Continue your group’s adventure throughout Nature’s Art Village!Group2Dinos

Adventure outdoors with your group for a Jurassic journey through The Dinosaur Place outdoor adventure park! Come face to face with over 40 life-sized dinosaurs in a 60 acre nature park, play and roar through Monty’s Playground, a”MAZE”asaurus and more.

Click here for group information at The Dinosaur Place!

Explore an indoor activity center of unique treasures and educational fun at Discovery Depot at Nature’s Art Village. Dig for gems in Jackpot Mine, pan for gold in Thunder Creek, unearth dinosaur fossils in The Bone Zone and much more.

Click here for group information at Discovery Depot!Reduced_NA-Old_406