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Can’t find hand sanitizer? Learn how to make your own!


Trying to stay calm amidst the global turmoil? We are here to help!

Nature’s Art Village sells natural alternatives and minerals to help our physical bodies and emotional spirits! Here’s the list of what we have in stock and how it can help.

Make your own hand sanitizer!!!

Mix Aloe Vera gel, rubbing alcohol or high proof alcohol and drops of an essential oil (put in a jar and scoop out with your fingers! (Instructions included with every purchase.)
These three essential oils are in stock and are known to have the strongest antibacterial properties.

  • Eucalyptus
  • Peppermint
  • Frankincense – low stock

Aloe and Alcohol are not sold in store.

We also have a wide selection of oil diffusers.


Air Purification

  • Himalayan Salt Lamps – air purification
  • Palo Santo Spray – heals and cleans air
  • White Sage Spray – cleans air
  • White Sage – cleans air and dispels negative energy

Raw and Polished Minerals & Crystals

(We have associates that can help you learn how to properly use these minerals & crystals)

  • Emerald – enhances immune system
  • Lepidolite – calms anxiety and purifies
  • Selenite – clears away negativity
  • Tourmaline – protection and wards off negative thoughts
  • Green Calcite – fortifies immune system
  • Aquamarine – protects immune system and provides relief from flu-like symptoms.
  • Carnelian – increases ability to absorb vitamins
  • Aventurine – strengthens weak immune systems
  • Amethyst – all around healing
  • Ocean Jasper – Physical / Emotional healing
  • Amber – Natural Antibiotic for infection or fever
  • Heliotrope / Bloodstone – purifies

The Shops are open 7 days a week from 10 am – 6 pm!