Online Fun | The Dinosaur Place at Nature's Art VillageNature's Art Village

1650 Hartford-New London Turnpike, Montville, CT 06370

Nature's Art Village & The Dinosaur Place: 860-443-4367
The PAST Antiques & Genius Museum:860-437-3615

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Named for his home town of Montville, our “teenage” Tyrannosaurus Rex stands proudly in front of The Dinosaur Place: Outdoor Adventure Park and keeps a close watch over all of our friends who enter. Monty measures 31 feet long from nose to tail and stands 14 feet tall. A full-grown T-rex could reach lengths of 40-50 feet! Monty was constructed out of steel and concrete in an Arizona artist’s studio. During your visit be sure to say hello to Monty and take a group photo as a souvenir of your trip.




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