Pumpkin Passage at The Dinosaur Place

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A spectacular experience of lights, sights and sounds to scratch that Halloween itch without the frights. Walk the trail and share in 5 spooky halloween experiences. Top your night off with roasted marshmallows, some warm cider or a hot chocolate to enjoy during our Fire Spinning shows at 6:00pm, 7:00pm and 8:00pm!

Begins Friday, October 2nd at 5PM and continues every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in October!


*Season pass members receive 50% off and guests of season pass members receive 10% off of their admission to Pumpkin Passage*
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Nature’s Art Village is proud to reintroduce our haunted Halloween experience this year. Raptor Bay Trail has been taken over by goblins, ghouls, witches and mythical creatures! Don’t worry, the scares are minimal and the lighting is dazzling! Family members of all ages can enjoy themselves. Five different experiences await you on almost a half mile of our immaculate trail.

Begin at Candy Corn Corral where you might get a little fright… depending on your opinion of Candy Corn. Staged with twinkling lights and massive candy corn companions, you’ll find yourself smiling instead of shrieking to start your stroll.

When you’re finished meandering through the funny faux confections, you’ll make your way into Graveyard Grotto. The grotto is filled to the brim with clanking bones and the ghosts of our past, so be sure to pay your respects as you walk through.

After you’ve giggled with the ghosts and ghouls of Graveyard Grotto, you’ll pass through a mildly threatening threshold of bones and enter Nightmare on Raptor Bay. You might want to be careful around these parts. We have a caged raptor and you MUST not put your hand in the cage MWAhaha! Our cave has become overgrown since the spirit of Halloween showed up so be careful when you explore… you might spook the Dino living inside-o.

You’ve escaped the nightmare, so it’s time to watch your dreams come true at Mythical Mysteries. Unicorns, witches and dragons, oh my! Mythical Mysteries is a magical wonderland along the likes of Alice’s tumble down the rabbit hole. This wonky and whimsical walk will wind down the trip before heading on to the outpost!

Whew! You’ve made it to Ollie’s Outpost! Ollie’s Outpost is a place to kick back, relax and enjoy the fall air. Complementary marshmallows will be offered to be roasted over our new fire pit while Fire Spinners dazzle you with their luminous display. You’ll be ooooing and ahhhhing so much YOU’LL sound like a ghost yourself. There’s more but if I told you everything, Pumpkin Passage wouldn’t be the journey we intended.