Ancient Fossil Shop

Life-Sized Prehistoric Skeletons

Ancient Fossil Shop

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Enter the Ancient Fossil Shop and prepare to be in awe from the get-go. Gaze at the amazing life-sized prehistoric skeletons of dinosaurs as well as fascinating flying creatures and sea creatures in this beautiful two-story gallery. Enjoy a collection of prehistoric reptiles that will educate and entertain the entire family.

A collector’s paradise set within a museum atmosphere. Both children and adults will be amazed by the many ancient wonders on display including fossil ammonites (prehistoric ocean snails mined in the Sahara desert), the awesome Triceratops life-sized dinosaur skeleton, and Knightia fish fossils from Green River, Wyoming, just to name a few.

Fossils from a number of time periods and from every corner of the globe are showcased and are available for purchase. Everything from 570 million-year-old trilobites to dinosaur bones and footprints, shark teeth, petrified wood, and more can be found at the Ancient Fossil Shop. This amazing gallery in Nature’s Art Village is the perfect space to enjoy some of the most incredible wonders of the earth.