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A to Z Mineral Shop takes visitors on a journey around the world! Pyrite from Peru, Amethyst from Uruguay, Agate from Brazil, Chrysanthemum Stone from China, and the list goes on. Spectacular collection of crystals and minerals for sale from every corner of the Earth, including one of the tallest Amethyst geodes in the United States.

A to Z Mineral Shop is as much an attraction as it is a collector’s paradise! It is a place where serious collectors and beginners alike can expand their collections. Check out footprints from the “Wild West” of Dinosaur era! Real Jurassic period footprints from CT River Valley. Real meteorites and rare fossils will make a perfect unique gifts for all ages!

Dragontooth amethyst, “fuzzy” okenite, azurite blueberries, selenite, opalized ammonite from Madagascar, and more! Come see the nature’s art for yourself.

Make sure to ask our staff to visit the New England’s largest Fluorescent Mineral Gallery, where you will be immersed in fluorescent treasures of all shapes and sizes.

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