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The only Geode Cutting Center in Connecticut!
Open your own Nature’s Lottery Ticket

1-5 PM



1-5 PM

You never know what fun you’ll find when this volcanic gas bubble is opened for the very first time!

Please read through the list below and learn about these amazing pieces of natural beauty. If you have any additional questions, please contact one of our friendly staff members by calling 860-443-4367.


What is a geode?
  • A geode is an unusual, rounded mineral formation typically with an exterior shell of chalcedony (very fine-grained quartz), with other minerals and/ or crystals lining the interior. The name geode is from the Greek geo referring to the shape of the Earth, since most geodes are spherical.
  • A geode can form in any cavity within a rock, but the most common method for geode formation is via gas bubbles that form in cooling ash beds. The bubble gets “frozen” in place when the silica-rich ash/ dust hardens. The partial or complete filling of the bubble may occur immediately or even thousands to millions of years later and can encompass a variety of different minerals.
  • Geodes can also be filled with surrounding silt and sediments, forming a “mud ball.” If a crystal breaks off inside the geode, you can hear rattling (the only guarantee of a hollow geode!), hence the nickname “rattle stone.” Occasionally, water gets trapped in the geodes, forming what is called an enhydro, Greek for “water inside.”
  • Geodes are fascinating and unique forms of nature and make for some good, educational fun! Like fingerprints, no two are exactly alike!
How much is a geode?

Geodes start at $8.99 and go up to over $200.00. The price is determined by the size of the geode and there are a variety of sizes and prices to choose from.

Does the price include cutting?

At Discovery Depot, all geodes are priced to include the cutting fee. We also offer a selection of less expensive, crack-your-own geodes upstairs in A to Z Minerals and Ancient Fossils, so you can bring the fun home. Be sure to wear protective eye-wear while enjoying this educational fun!

Do I get to keep both halves?

Yes! When you select a geode, you keep the whole thing. We are, however, very happy to accept donations for our geode display.

What if there’s nothing inside?

We have nicknamed geodes Mother Nature’s Lottery Ticket because you never know what you’re going to get until after it’s been opened. But since you’re starting with the remnants of the “bubble shell,” you’ll always have something to bring home as a souvenir of your visit full to Discovery Depot!

Can you tell me what color is inside?

Unfortunately, we do not have any way of determining what the inside of a geode looks like. We can, however, tell you which mine a particular geode is from and show you similar geodes. Keep in mind; every geode is one-of-a-kind and beautiful in its own way.

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