Thunder Creek

Relive the California Gold Rush

Thunder Creek

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Panning for gold

Relive the California Gold Rush in Thunder Creek! Here you will learn the fun technique of panning and pan for “fools gold” nuggets in our indoor gold sluice. Equipped with an apron, gold pan, and a helpful staff member to teach the technique, you are off to find as much treasure as you can! Have fun separating out the shiny pyrite from the creek and watch the riches accumulate as you continue panning. Carry your riches home in a souvenir prospector’s pouch. Yes, you can keep everything you find!

And for the super adventurous fun seekers, choose the Thunder Creek Deluxe Package which includes a souvenir gold pan for you to keep and take home and use in real streams. The Deluxe Package also includes your own extra-large “gold nugget” and additional panning time!


Standard Package: $9.49 per Prospector

Learn the technique of panning and find as many pyrite (“fools gold”) nuggets as you can.

  • Relive and learn about the California Gold Rush as you pan for “fools gold” (pyrite)
  • Carry your riches home in a souvenir prospector’s pouch
  • 10 minutes to pan and learn
  • Thunder Creek is recommended for ages 2 & up
Deluxe Package: $16.49 per Prospector

Includes Standard Package PLUS:

  • Your own gold pan to keep and use in real streams!
  • 20% more panning time
  • Your very own oversized “gold” nugget

Combine Discovery Depot adventures by choosing two attractions, Jackpot Mine, and Thunder Creek, and save with special combination and upgrade packages.

Standard Combination Packages
  • $20.25 | Jackpot Mine & Thunder Creek
Deluxe Combination Packages
  • $42.48 | Jackpot Mine & Thunder Creek

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Keith McGilvery and Rachel Piscitelli from FOX 61 visited The Discovery Depot on their last stop on the Connecticut Summer Bucket List Tour and boy, did they have some fun! Check out the following video link and we hope you will come visit us soon for your own “Big Fun!”