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Have you ever wondered how newspapers were printed in the 19th century or how a steam-engine could power a boat? Then take a step through time into the Genius Museum at Nature’s Art Village and enter a village of progress! Take a historic walk and discover a timeless town displaying the rapid transformation of American technology over two centuries, along with the geniuses who created it all! Genius Museum is a great place for families to share memories, older adults to feel nostalgic, and the young to learn how everyday life has developed with technology’s advances.

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OPEN Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There are guided tours available with special 2 pm engine start.

Time: 1 pm – 5 pm
Age 60+: $9.75
Age 18-59: $11.99
Age 5-17: $8.50
Under 5: FREE!

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Steam Engine
Gas Engine Start Up!
September 6, 2022 (6:00, 6:30, 7 PM) — Antique Car Show and The Steam Engine Exhibit will be open for FREE! Come watch the starting of a 3,350 cubic inches displacement gas engine!
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Interactive Exhibits
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Razor Sharp Barbers

This 1920s style barbershop houses shaving mugs, barber’s chairs, and straight razors. Learn about a time when a haircut and shave cost two bits! The wonders of this shop also include the progression of household appliances such as hair dryers and curling irons.

Oakdale Country Store

From pie-birds to potions, this one-stop-shop provided for both the ailing and everyday shopper. Step back to a time when skin boils were treated with gunpowder and dried goods were a necessity.  Ten cent sodas and 5 cent cigars await you in this installment at Genius Museum.

The Genius Gazette

The smell of ink, the precision of the typesetter, the rhythmic humming of our 19th century Chandler and Price Platen Press are all on display at The Genius Gazette. Mind your Ps and Qs as you experience technological wonders from a massive guillotine paper cutter, to a stamping press very similar to the one used in Washington, DC, for the presidential seal.

The Montville Queen

While cruising through the Genius Museum, be on the lookout for this 1920s style Chris Craft steamboat. The Montville Queen is now powered by compressed air, so a museum visitor can observe the power and clamor of this antique engine.

Hayday Farm

Explore the mechanical wonders of America’s agricultural heyday. Innovations such as potato planters, crop dusters, and saw rigs are a reminder of the importance of technology in driving our economy. Highlighted by an early 20th-century steam buggy, this exhibit is sure to plant dreams of simpler times in your head.

Steam Engine Exhibits

Innovation is brought to life here at Nature’s Art Village! Fully restored steam engine exhibits are part of your journey through the Genius Museum. We have push-pull steam engines, a steam-powered log splitter, steam bells from locomotives, and much much more! Experience the genius behind Genius Museum.

Please call 860-443-4367 or email [email protected] to plan a group event.

Admission Cost: 
Friday, Saturday, Sunday (guided tours):

1 pm – 5 pm
Age 60+: $9.75
Age 18-59: $11.99
Age 5-17: $8.50
Under 5: FREE!

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