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Opening today at 12 noon due to severe weather!

Encounter over 60 life-sized dinosaurs spread among 1.5 miles of easy to walk nature trails. Sixty acres of pristine Southeastern Connecticut woodlands, this Jurassic-era exploration will deliver a fun-filled day!

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Take a family photo under the belly of the 40-foot tall Brachiosaurus, large enough to drive a car under! Hug the armored Euoplocephalus, a dinosaur covered with bony plates and spikes from head to toe, including armor on its eyelids! Discover the longest fingernails ever found on Earth with the claws of the Therizinosaurus, stretching more than 3 feet long!

Along your fun adventure, make sure to visit the “What am I?” touch and learn activities located throughout the trails. Reach in and compare the shapes, sizes, and textures of a variety of natural objects including dinosaur teeth, seashells, and more! 

If your curiosity gets the best of you, be sure to inspect the caves along the trails — and you’ll be in for quite the SURPRISE! Encounter a life-like interactive animatronic Dilophosaurus at Cowl Cave and don’t forget to check out our newest exhibit, Carnivore Cavern.

When you hit a seven-acre man-made lake, you may feel the vibrations of the rumbling volcano, but don’t get too close… if the wind is just right, you may even get wet!

In addition, the trail is home to a variety of wildlife animals and birds. Keep your eyes open because you may catch a glimpse of turtles sun-bathing on the rocks. Or an osprey soaring through the sky!

After that, take a break in one of the many scenic picnic areas located along the trails. Enjoy your lunch at Monty’s Munchies, have an ice cream and spend some quality family time.

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