Grab a bite!

Hotdogs & Burgers & Ice Cream, Oh my!

Food & Beverages

Monty’s Munchies is located within The Dinosaur Place next to Monty’s Playground and across from the Splash Pad, and requires park admission to purchase.
Menu items include hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese, pretzels, nachos, chicken nuggets, fries, and more! Fountain soda and water are also available.

Click HERE to see the menu.

The Village Ice Cream Shoppe is located behind Monty the T-Rex, outside of The Dinosaur Place and does not require admission to purchase.

Shop Hours

The Village Ice Cream Shoppe: Reopens in the Spring!

Monty’s Munchies: Reopens in the Spring!

Parking is always FREE!

The Village Ice Cream Shoppe

The Village Ice Cream Shoppe

Reopens in the Spring!

Monty's Munchies

Monty’s Munchies

Reopens in the Spring!